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Traditional Type Vegetable Cutter (Large)


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Traditional Type Vegetable Cutter (Large) :

A culinary antique, the Vegetable Cutter or called as the Aruvamanai is a traditional South Indian kitchen utensil.

It is a 19th-century Indian traditional tool used to prepare vegetables. Because of its large size, it was used in Hindu Temples during ancient times. The user used to sit upon its wooden base and cut with its sharp blade made of steel.

A fascinating relic, the Arivalmannai still beats other modern utensils today owing to its craftsmanship and large size. 

Also called as Boti,Kathipeeta,Pankhi,Pirdai

Dimensions (Approx) :

Weight : 0.900g

Size : 43cm*27.5cm*5.5cm  (L*B*H)